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We offer transportation and moving services
 locally in Wrocław and across Poland

The costs of our services have been tailored towards the client’s needs, to guarantee them the highest quality for a desirable price. Clients who chose our services have received full insurance and certainty, that their move will be successful. In our offer there are also packing materials that ensure the safety of transported items, and for more demanding moves we have prepared warehouses around Wrocław. Please contact us biuro@transportmebli.com.pl or +48 696-110-933.



( car 20 m3, 1,5 tons )
Offer Gross price Details
renting car and driver 100 zł/h w/o loading and unloading*
renting car and driver to help 120 zł/h driver helps with loading/unloading and carrying*
renting car and 2 staff memebers for carrying  150 zł/h price includes: loading/unloading, packing and carrying
renting car and 3 staff memebers for carrying 200 zł/h price includes: loading/unloading, packing and carrying
renting car and 4 or more staff members for carrying individually price includes: loading/unloading, packing and carrying
transport of single items (ex. sofa, refrigerator) in Wrocław 150 zł/h price includes: packing, loading and unloading
storage in Wrocław (1-4 m3) 200 zł/month flexible storage time
storage in Wrocław (5-20 m3) 500 zł/month flexible storage time
storage in Wrocław (21-40 m3) individually flexible storage time

* minimal work time 2 h


Carrying out services around Wrocław does not incurr a distance price. Service price is based on the hourly rate (first hour is flat-rate, each next is paid proportionally). In case of larger services (moving companies, offices, houses, entire apartments) price assessment in Wrocław and surrounding areas and setting a flat rate is free of charge .


( car 20 m3 – 1,5 tons or 40 m3 – 4 tons )
Offer Gross price Details
loading/unloading (2/3 staff memebers) 150/200 zł/h price includes loading/unloading, packing and carrying*
price for 1 km (capacity 20 m3 and load up to 1,5 tons) 2 zł/km no additional fees
price for 1 km (capacity 40 m3 and load up to 4 tons) 4 zł/km no additional fees

* hourly rate only includes the time for loading/unloading w/o travel time


Materials Gross price
cardboard box ( 54 cm / 30 cm / 33 cm ) 5 zł per unit
stretch wrap ( 1.5 kg gross ) 22 zł per roll
bubble wrap ( width 1 m ) 99 zł per roll



Example transport prices to and from Wrocław
City Distance Gross PRICE for medium car*
( cap. 20 m3 and 1,5 tons )
Gross PRICE for large car*
( cap. 40 m3 and 4 tons )
Legnica 78 km 310 zł 620 zł
Opole 97 km 390 zł 780 zł
Zielona Góra 160 km 640 zł 1280 zł
Poznań 180 km 720 zł 1440 zł
Katowice 200 km 800 zł 1600 zł
Łódź 227 km 910 zł 1810 zł
Bydgoszcz 280 km 1120 zł 2240 zł
Kraków 285 km 1140 zł 2280 zł
Warsaw 350 km 1400 zł 2800 zł
Szczecin 360 km 1440 zł 2880 zł
Rzeszów 440 km 1760 zł 3520 zł
Gdańsk 460 km 1840 zł 3680 zł
Olsztyn 460 km 1840 zł 3680 zł
Białystok 550 km 2200 zł 4400 zł

* add loading, unloading, packing and carrying costs to listed prices.


We would like to inform, that prices on this site are gross prices. The price list does not constitute a sales proposal according to art. 66 par. 1 K.C. and is published only for informational purposes. Listed prices are subject to change. In order to acquire the final price, please contact us.