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We provide services in Wroclaw, Poland, the European Union, as well as Switzerland and Norway. See how we can help you!


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We carry out removals of companies, offices and apartments in Wroclaw. We offer professional service and free quote.
Removals all over Poland. Free quote and insurance for each service performed.
International removals
We carry out international removals throughout the European Union and Switzerland. We provide comprehensive services.
Apartment removals
We pack and secure your items for transportation. We offer services of disassembly and assembly of furniture and full loading and unloading of goods.
Corporate and office removals
We analyze customer requirements and create a schedule for the move. We pack workstations, furniture and equipment.
Transportation services
We prepare a free quote based on customer requirements. We offer loading and unloading services. We have full insurance for our services.
Packaging materials
A wide range of packaging materials. Films, blankets, tapes, plastic containers. Trust our experience.
Furniture storage
The warehouse space is suitable for storing furniture and IT, household and consumer electronics equipment in the Wroclaw area.
Soldier moves
Relocation of property of soldiers and civilian employees of the Polish Army in the country and Europe.

Removal services in Wroclaw - why TransSpeed?

We have many years of experience in handling private and corporate moves (offices, archives, stores, warehouses, offices, schools). Organizing a move in Wroclaw with TransSpeed is a guarantee:
comprehensive service
we provide packing of property, loading and unloading, assembly and disassembly of furniture, safe transportation
we have business insurance valid in Poland and throughout the EU
professionally secure fragile, valuable or non-standard items for transport
we work on the basis of a professional schedulewith us you will avoid unnecessary chaos
our team is an experienced team that will help you stress-free organize even the most difficult move
full documentation for the customer
we prepare all necessary documents, issue waybills and VAT invoices
Removal company TransSpeed provides its services on the territory of the city of Wroclaw in the districts and neighborhoods: Leśnica, Nowy dwór, Gaj, Przedmieście Oławskie, Lipa Piotrowska, Sępolno, Stabłowice, Karłowice, Strachowice, Muchobór Wielki, Oltaszyn, Soltysowice, Nadodrze, Maślice, Olbin, Szczepin, Grabiszyn, Kuźniki, Marszowice, Ratyń, Muchobór Mały, Opatowice, Kleczków, Jerzmanowo, Pawłowice, Tarnogaj, Zgorzelisko, Partynice, Księże Małe, Rędzin, Borek, Polanowice, Złotniki, Popowice, Oporów, Zakrzów, Klecina, Kozanów, Gądów Mały, Ostrów Tumski, Krzyki, Rakowiec, Południe, Wojnów, Zalesie, Psie Pole, Różanka, Bartoszowice, Żar, Poświętne, Kłokoczyce, Stare Miasto, Śródmieście.
Feel free to contact our representative - we will make a free estimate of your move and answer any questions!

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About the company

TransSpeed is a moving company from Wroclaw, which has been on the market since 2006. We provide comprehensive private and corporate moving services. The beginnings of our activity are connected with the establishment of the Agata Meble showroom in Wroclaw, within which we operated. In 2008 we started cooperation with the largest Polish moving and transportation company, thanks to which we gained experience and trust of many customers.

completed moves
years of experience in the industry

Our main area of operation is Wroclaw and Lower Silesia, but we also handle domestic and international moves (throughout the EU, Norway and Switzerland).

Professional moving companies rely on a combination of a proven fleet and a team of trusted employees. We provide transportation services with specialized vehicles, from the smallest ones with a cubic capacity of 4 m3 and a load capacity of 600 kg through cars with tin or container bodies to trucks with a cubic capacity of 55m3 and a load capacity of 8 tons. A diverse and reliable fleet and a team of dozens of experienced employees allow us to reliably organize virtually any move.

countries visited
tons of cargo transported

As an experienced moving company, we have valid third-party insurance for our operations, valid in Poland and throughout the EU. This ensures full safety of the transported property and guarantees the customer that the move with TransSpeed will be fast, trouble-free and safe.

TransSpeed is a guarantee of professionalism and the highest quality of service. We take an individual approach to each customer, preparing an offer tailored to their needs and capabilities. We provide moving services for both individual customers and entire companies. We offer a whole range of removal services - see for yourself by visiting the offer sub-page.

used rolls of security film
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See reviews of customers who have trusted us

The gentlemen of TransSpeed companies approached the performance of the service very reliably. The furniture was picked up and delivered on the agreed date and in undamaged condition. We evaluate the cooperation definitely positively and would undoubtedly recommend the company to anyone expecting a fast and professionally conducted move.
We were led to choose TransSpeed from among such a wide range of companies of a similar nature, not only by practical considerations such as the high quality of service offered by TransSpeed, but more importantly, a broad understanding of our needs as a customer, friendly and competent service, professionalism, reliability of the staff.
~ Business Partners eXcellence
The employees showed experience, professionalism and ability to work as a team. We are very satisfied with the work done, we recommend the services of the moving company TransSpeed as a reliable and trustworthy partner.
~ DataArt
TransSpeed company always fulfills its orders on time, we have been served by the same employees for years, which builds trustful cooperation. Moving with TransSpeed is professional, efficient and smooth. The last large realization confirmed that future moves will also take place in cooperation with TransSpeed.
~ Logintrans
The move included transporting small items as well as bulky and unusual and unwieldy therapy equipment. The entire team performed perfectly. TransSpeed reliably fulfilled the contract, completing the task at the highest level.
~ MKmedica
The implementation went smoothly, on schedule, and the team adapted to our needs and showed diligence and commitment.
~ Ten square games
By working with us, TransSpeed has proven to be a proven, reliable and trustworthy partner.
~ Asseco Poland
In the implementation of the service, TransSpeed demonstrated professionalism. We recommend as a trustworthy partner.
~ Womak Holdnig
TransSpeed understands customer needs and requirements.
~ Uniqa TU
The service was performed, professionally, efficiently and with due diligence.

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Transpeed Removals Wrocław

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Since 2006, we have been providing services related to transport and removals. The beginnings of our activity are associated with the creation of the Agata Meble salon, under which we operated. In 2008, we collaborated with the largest Polish company dealing in moving and transport, thanks to which we gained experience and trust of many clients. Transpeed Removals Wrocław
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