Moving to the Netherlands

Moving abroad can be a difficult and stressful event. That's why it's important to choose a transportation company that has not only experience, but also extensive technical facilities that guarantee the transportation of all items in a safe manner - regardless of their dimensions.

TransSpeed company is formed by experienced drivers and a modern fleet of transport vehicles adapted to any type of move. Thanks to us, your move to the Netherlands will go smoothly and without the slightest problems.

Removal Poland-Holland - why choose the services of TransSpeed company

When choosing a moving company from Poland to the Netherlands, you need to pay close attention to several important elements. These include the experience and range of services offered, the types of materials to be transported, the quality guarantee of the service, the available forms of payment, insurance of the property, the duration of transport and the price of the service. Matching all elements to your own expectations and needs will allow you to choose the best company.

Experience and range of services offered by TransSpeed

TransSpeed has been providing top-quality moving services for more than 15 years. Experience and a wide range of offerings speak for the choice of our company.
TransSpeed offers individual and business customers professional removal services within the European Union. Moving to the Netherlands is a comprehensive service - we start with securing your belongings, packing, proper loading, to safe and timely transportation. We know that moving alone can be a stressful experience, so we try to ease the burden on our customers by offering assistance to the fullest extent possible.

We offer:
  • supply of necessary packing materials, including cardboard boxes, adhesive tapes, bubble wrap and stretch film, sponges and corrugated cardboard, for adequate protection of the transported goods
  • storage service on the territory of Wroclaw for international removals
  • ensure adequate protection of property in transport
  • full insurance for overseas removals in the EU, Norway and Switzerland

Types of materials transported by TransSpeed company

Our fleet is made up of modern units adapted for transporting bulky and special interest items and furniture. We are prepared to transport all materials regardless of their weight, size or monetary or sentimental value.

Moving to the Netherlands - guarantee on quality of service and insurance of belongings

The wide range of individual clients and companies that have trusted us is sufficient proof for us that the services we provide are perceived as those of the highest quality. Nevertheless, we want customers to be sure that the property entrusted to us will be transported intact. That's why the transport is fully insured both in Poland and throughout the European Union.

Removals from Poland to the Netherlands - available forms of payment

For the comfort of our customers, we offer several convenient payment methods:
Cash [zloty or euros]
Bank transfer

How much does it cost to move Germany-Poland, Poland-Germany? Price list

The cost of the move is determined after an interview and a visual inspection. The price is determined individually and it depends on:

transport time
conditions of the cargo such as its size or weight
required safety measures during transport
complexity of transportation
(This is especially true for valuable bulky items whose transportation should be given special protection - pianos, grand pianos)
the place of loading and the conditions of the premises from which the items are to be removed
(elevator, floor, etc.)
the amount of used materials provided by TransSpeed
(stretch and bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, etc.)
use of storage space
(storage period)

Moving to the Netherlands - organize it with TransSpeed!

We encourage you to use the services of TransSpeed. Learn about the opinions of customers who have trusted us - go to the References tab. Start a new life in the Netherlands with a quick and efficient move.

Find out that moving to the Netherlands doesn't have to be complicated and demanding. Packing, moving out and transporting? TransSpeed will do it all for you. Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact our office.

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Since 2006, we have been providing services related to transport and removals. The beginnings of our activity are associated with the creation of the Agata Meble salon, under which we operated. In 2008, we collaborated with the largest Polish company dealing in moving and transport, thanks to which we gained experience and trust of many clients. Transpeed Removals Wrocław
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