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One of TransSpeed's specialties is office removals. Wroclaw or the surrounding area is the place where your company is located? We can help you comprehensively organize your move to a new facility in Lower Silesia or another region of Poland.

Professional office moving will allow you to stress-free pack and transport your entire workstations - along with documents, accessories, office and computer equipment. Our employees are familiar with packing binders and documents, equipment of the company archive, branch book collection. We take care of proper labeling of cartons, so that the transported packages are ready for quick unpacking.

We have extensive experience in securing IT equipment for transport. We dismantle and assemble furniture (including conference tables, large bookcases or reception counters), carry photocopiers, armored cabinets and heavy safes. During an office move, we pay special attention to the safety of valuable computer equipment during transport. We guarantee that moving your office in Wroclaw with TransSpeed will go off without a hitch, and your company will quickly be able to return to normal work in its new location.

Warehouse removals Wrocław - offer

We offer comprehensive warehouse removals in Wroclaw. With us, the task will be much simpler, because we have developed internal procedures that protect against organizational chaos.

Moving manufacturing or commercial companies usually involves transporting a large amount of goods and the warehouse equipment itself. We will comprehensively plan and organize the entire undertaking. We will help you plan the moving schedule, pack and secure the goods and warehouse equipment.

Then our employees will take care of transferring the packages to specialized vehicles, enabling safe transportation of even large loads. We will base vehicles appropriately matched to the goods being transported.

We are experienced in dismantling and assembling equipment (including warehouse racks). After transporting the goods, we will dismantle the racks, machinery and equipment in your company's warehouse, ensure their transportation to a new facility and reassembly. We will confirm all activities with protocols. This will ensure that your company's move will be smooth and in accordance with previous arrangements.

International removals-foreign removals

We organize international removals from Wroclaw and all of Lower Silesia. We have extensive experience in transportation to the EU (primarily Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria) as well as Norway and Switzerland. We handle all international moves in a comprehensive manner.

Our cars can accommodate even very large loads, so we efficiently handle any move - both private and corporate (such as offices). Drivers are perfectly familiar with foreign routes, cars are equipped with GPS transmitters, and the company has business insurance valid throughout the EU.

Apartment removals Wrocław - furniture transport

Are you waiting to move to Wroclaw? Or maybe you have just bought a house or an apartment in another region of Poland and are wondering how to efficiently organize the transportation of all your belongings? With TransSpeed, relocation will become much less stressful. Apartment removals in Wroclaw and throughout Lower Silesia are one of our company's specialties.

Not only will we provide you with safe transportation and transfer of your belongings from point A to point B, but we will also help you organize the entire venture in a comprehensive manner. We can provide the accessories you need to pack and secure the items gathered in your apartment. We offer various sizes of cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and stretch film, packing tapes, sponges, blankets and corrugated cardboard. Our employees will take care of disassembling furniture and securing items for transport, packing clothes, books, dishes, household appliances and electronics. We will reliably protect fragile glass, porcelain, crystal, mirrors, paintings and other fragile or valuable items. We can also provide custom-made wooden cages for their transportation.

Our team will take care of lifting and carrying parcels and assembling furniture after the move. We are experienced in transporting pianos, pianos and other heavy items. We guarantee that any apartment move will go smoothly and without unnecessary problems.


All our services

We carry out removals of companies, offices and apartments in Wroclaw. We offer professional service and free quote.
Removals all over Poland. Free quote and insurance for each service performed.
International removals
We carry out international removals throughout the European Union and Switzerland. We provide comprehensive services.
Apartment removals
We pack and secure your items for transportation. We offer services of disassembly and assembly of furniture and full loading and unloading of goods.
Corporate and office removals
We analyze customer requirements and create a schedule for the move. We pack workstations, furniture and equipment.
Transportation services
We prepare a free quote based on customer requirements. We offer loading and unloading services. We have full insurance for our services.
Packaging materials
A wide range of packaging materials. Films, blankets, tapes, plastic containers. Trust our experience.
Furniture storage
The warehouse space is suitable for storing furniture and IT, household and consumer electronics equipment in the Wroclaw area.
Soldier moves
Relocation of property of soldiers and civilian employees of the Polish Army in the country and Europe.

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Since 2006, we have been providing services related to transport and removals. The beginnings of our activity are associated with the creation of the Agata Meble salon, under which we operated. In 2008, we collaborated with the largest Polish company dealing in moving and transport, thanks to which we gained experience and trust of many clients. Transpeed Removals Wrocław
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