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Our company’s headquarters is in Wrocław. It is a very dynamically developing multicultural city. The Wrocław agglomeration has over 1,000,000 inhabitants and about 650,000 people live in Wrocław, of which over 100,000 are students. The city is located in south-western Poland, close to the Czech Republic and Germany, within its borders runs the A-4 motorway connecting the east and the west of Europe. There are a lot of Polish and foreign company headquarters here, which makes Wrocław one of the fastest growing cities in Europe. Our company is also benefiting from this growth, which has an increasing number of removal orders in Wrocław every year.



We are a company that provides the following services in Wroclaw, Lower Silesia, Poland and the EU:

– bezpłatna wycena (mailowa, telefoniczna lub po wykonaniu oględzin)

– przeprowadzki prywatne (mieszkania, domy, pojedyncze meble lub kartony)

– przeprowadzki firmowe (biura, magazyny, archiwa, sklepy, szkoły, urzędy)

– transport drogowy (na terenie Wrocławia, Polski, UE oraz do/z Szwajcarii)

– drobny transport (pojedynczych elementów na terenie Wrocławia i okolic)

– noszenie, znoszenie (kartony, meble, kserokopiarki, sejfy, szafy pancerne, pianina)

– demontaż i montaż mebli (używane, nowe, antyki, IKEA)

– pakowanie, zabezpieczenie do transportu mebli (folia bąbelkowa i strecz, koce, gąbki, tektura falista)

– kompleksowe pakowanie biur (IT, segregatory, dokumenty, archiwa, inne wyposażenie)

– kompleksowe pakowanie mieszkań i domów (TV, szkło, porcelana, ubrania, naczynia, książki)

– magazynowanie (nowoczesna powierzchnia magazynowa na terenie Wrocławia od 1m3 do 100m3)

– przygotowanie dokumentów niezbędnych do transportu międzynarodowego

– załatwienie formalności przy odprawie celnej mienia przesiedleńczego z/do Szwajcarii

– free quote (email, telephone or after interview)

– private removals (apartments, houses, individual furniture or cardboard boxes)

– company removals (offices, warehouses, archives, shops, schools, offices)

– road transport (in Wrocław, Poland, EU and to / from Switzerland)

– small transport (of individual elements in Wrocław and the surrounding area)

– carrying, bringing (cardboard boxes, furniture, photocopiers, safes, armored cabinets, pianos)

– disassembly and assembly of furniture (used, new, antiques, IKEA)

– packaging, protection for furniture transport (bubble wrap and stretch, blankets, sponges, corrugated cardboard)

– comprehensive office packaging (IT, binders, documents, archives, other equipment)

– comprehensive packaging of apartments and houses (TV, glass, porcelain, clothes, dishes, books)

– storage (modern warehouse space in Wrocław from 1m3 to 100m3)

– preparation of documents necessary for international transport

– arranging formalities for customs clearance of resettlement property from / to Switzerland


Quickly, efficiently and on time! Moving in Wrocław!

Are you looking for a reliable and experienced company to move in and around Wrocław? Welcome!

We carry out large and small orders, flexible working hours and fast deadlines. Based in Wrocław, we have a wide range of new cars adapted for furniture transport (from 10m3 to 60m3) and a dozen of professional employees. Performing large relocations of offices or companies, we provide a team of several dozen, who is able to perform any service in Wroclaw and Lower Silesia. Our competence is confirmed by many satisfied customers from whom we received references. We also carry out international removals from / to Wrocław, private and corporate (3M, Siemens, Toyota, Toshiba, LG, Motorola, Accso, ACN, YARA).


We permanently cooperate in Wrocław with:

– MAX FLIZ Sp. z o.o. (comprehensive furniture supply in Wrocław and Lower Silesia)

– Bright Removals Ltd (cooperation in removals in Central and Eastern Europe)

– Asecco Poland S.A. (service in Poland)

– Idea Expert Sp. z o.o. (service of branches in Poland)

– Kajima Polska Sp. z o.o. (projects in Wrocław and Poland)

– DTS Przyjemnie Removals Sp. z o.o. (cooperation in Wrocław)

– Agata Meble S.A. (furniture delivery in Lower Silesia)

– Logintrans Sp. z o.o. (group service in Wrocław)

– Lower Silesian Voivodship Labor Office (service of branches in Lower Silesia)

– National Institute of Ossoliński (in Wrocław and Poland)

– AmRest Caffe Sp. o.o (support for branches in the Wrocław coach)

– Strabag Sp. o.o (in Wrocław and the surrounding area)


Moving home or apartment equipment in Wrocław or to the other end of Europe is not a problem for us. You need to transport a piano with carrying it, or some furniture does not fit into the elevator and you need to bring it or lift it to the 10th floor – CALL SPECIALISTS at 696110933. WELCOME !!!



You need transport or moving in Wrocław:write to us or call 696110933.